A green data challenge

GreeMta: Green Madrid Sustainability

Help to improve how Madrid manages its green spaces

The GreeMta challenge run in 2020 and invited anyone to develop web applications, interactive data analyses, visualizations, infographics based on data about the social and economic values of trees and green in Madrid. You can now see the winning submissions!



here are the results of the challenge

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Urban Forestry Science

1st place


2nd place

A Dive into Madrid's Green Lungs

3th place

Visual analysis of street 3D greening

relevant work

The green treasure of Madrid

relevant work

Madrid Tree Data Explorer

relevant work


relevat work

Green Madrid

mentionable work

Madrid Socio-economic impact of trees

mentionable work


mentionable work


The data competition is about green data and Madrid. Here you find some resources and datasets to start with.

You are invited to use additional and different datasets if you think they will make your work more interesting.


Madrid is recognized a 'Tree City of the World 2019’ by FAO and the Arbor Day Foundation

The municipality manages over 655,000 trees.

The greemta projecs calculated the Carbon Dioxide stock and sequestation both in Kg CO2 of the trees of Madrid

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Green Areas

Madrid is a very green city.

Among the cartographic data made available by the Municipality of Madrid there are the green areas for each district.

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Normalized vegetation index

The normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) is an indicator that can be used to assessing the vegetation.

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there a strong relationship between green and climate.
Here you can find some relevant dataset about this topic

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Administrative units

Madrid is divided into 131 barrios (neighborhoods) which in turn are grouped into 21 distritos (districts).
This type of dataset are very useful for spatial analyzes.

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Infrastructures such as buildings, roads, sidewalks, cycle paths .. and the relationship between these and the urban green is important. Here you can find some relevant dataset about this topic

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Statistics are important to understand a city
Here you can find a collection of socio-demographic indicators of Madrid divied in district and neighborhoods

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The results of the greemta project generates the definition of some indicators of the relationship between urban green and society. You can find the datasets here.

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Other resources

Some pointers to other resources where you might find more datasets or inspirations:
Madrid Open data
Madrid Geoportal
Madrid ArcGIS server


Important dates

You must submit your work by 20/12/2020.

Who can partecipate

The GreeMta challenge is open worldwide to anyone who is interested in creating and submitting a work. A team can be composed of one or more individuals (up to 4).

Evaluation process

There will be a jury committee for selecting the best works.
The judging criteria are as follows:

  • How much does the submitted work fit the objectives of the competition?
  • How interesting and insightful is the submitted work?
  • How much the submitted work might be used by the Municipality of Madrid to improve how they manage the green value?
  • How much is the submitted work novel and original?
  • How much of the work is based on data (considering the quantity of the data, the relevance of the data, and the soundness of the methodology for data management)?
For each criterion, the score goes from 1 to 5 points. The minimum score for receiving a prize is 10.


A jury will select the 8 best works. The first prize is of 4000 €. See the prizes.

Complete rules

In this page we summarized the main rules.

However, when you submit, you will be asked to read and agree with the complete rules which you can find in the PDF document “Rules of competition”.


The total award fund for the competition amounts to €8000 and will be split in the following way:

The first prize will be €4000
The second prize will be €2000
The third prize will be €1000
The remaining 5 prizes will be a €200 Amazon Gift Card.

See all details in the Rules



Greemta is a project of Bruno Kessler Foundation promoted by EIT Climate-KIC’s Cross-KIC Sustainable Cities based on the data of the Madrid City Council.

The purpose of Greemta is to enhance, through data, all the urban green heritage of Madrid by returning its economic and social value.